Monday, January 14, 2013

Eleven Things I Learned from Watching the Golden Globes

1.  It is fun to see what people look like when they are not airbrushed.  Most of them look better, but some are unrecognizable.

2.  Many of the women are freakishly thin, and I mentally sent each of them a bowl of macaroni and cheese.

3.  Based on the acceptance speeches, it appears that Hollywood eschewed the open bar in favor of a communal Prozac holiday.

4.  Just as many men get facelifts and botox as women. Thank you, high definition television, for pointing this out.

5.  I still don't quite understand what a Lena Dunham is.

6.  What Jodie Foster's speech had to do with receiving the Cecil B. DeMille award is a mystery.

7.  Whatever crazy train Jodie Foster was riding, at least half of the audience was on it with her.

8.  Nobody believes you when you say "I didn't expect to win," and then produce a prepared speech.

9.  Ben Affleck has aged.

10. Ewan MacGregor has not.

11. Adele was the only sane person to take the stage.